The nature of shoulder impingement syndrome

Perhaps the car accident you were in here in Goldsboro, North Carolina, left you with significant pain the shoulder. This could be the condition known as shoulder impingement syndrome, where the rotator cuff rubs against a bony part of the shoulder joint called the acromion. This injury can open the need for extensive treatment.

The nature of the injury

First off, the rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that wraps around the three main bones in the shoulder: the humerus, clavicle and scapula. It can tear when the rotational forces resulting from a high-impact car accident go through the arm and shoulder, especially when drivers tense up their arm on the steering wheel.

Besides car accidents, shoulder impingement syndrome can happen to pedestrians, cyclists and workers who fall to the ground and put up their arms to brace their fall. Asymptomatic shoulder impingement syndrome is possible in the elderly due to degeneration in their bones. In any event, the rotator cuff rubs against the acromion and causes inflammation.

The range of medical treatments

Doctors may start off by giving victims anti-inflammatory drugs or applying ice or heat to the affected shoulder. Since victims may experience a weakening in muscle strength as a result of the injury, doctors may recommend physical therapy on a regular basis. Getting therapeutic massage or going to a chiropractor may also be a part of the recovery process. Patients may do some stretches of their own to increase their range of motion.

If these don\’t suffice for pain relief, doctors may administer cortisone shots to the shoulder or even discuss the benefits of surgery with patients. Acromioplasty, whereby parts of the acromion are shaved off, is one possibility.

Seeking a settlement on your behalf

No victims of car accidents can succeed in a personal injury lawsuit in this state unless the other side is determined to be 100% at fault. To see if your case holds up under this, you may have a lawyer perform an evaluation. If a decision is made to proceed, the lawyer can handle settlement negotiations.