What should I do after I\’m hurt on the job in North Carolina?

The North Carolina Industrial Commission (IC) is responsible for managing both the Workers\’ Compensation Act and the Torts Claims Act. They process claims for these programs and make sure that injured workers receive efficient medical and rehabilitative care. They also facilitate safety training programs. They recommend that individuals hurt on the job follow certain steps to ensure that their case is adequately handled.

One of the first steps that the IC recommends for all workers to take after becoming hurt on the job is to report their injuries to their employer. They note that your employer should refer you to a medical provider of their choosing once you do.

If you work off-premises, then they recommend for you to proceed to your nearest doctor or hospital instead. You\’ll want to reach out to your employer and report your injuries as soon as possible after that. You can also have a friend, loved one or a member of your medical team do this for you.

If your employer refuses to refer you to a health care provider, you should immediately consult with a health care provider of your own choosing. It\’s important that you let them know who your employer is and that you were injured while at work. 

It\’s important that you speak with your employer, so they can complete an incident report as soon as possible. If you were hurt so severely that they didn\’t have time to speak with you, then the best thing that you can do is draft a letter to your employer providing the date of the incident and the nature of your injuries. You should provide your employer with this within 30 days of your injuring incident.

You should follow your doctor\’s orders after you\’ve been injured on the job. By doing so, you\’ll give yourself the best shot of being restored to your healthiest you. This will give you the best chance of making it back to work.

Some employers are extremely responsive in handling workers\’ compensation claims. Others are so small or disorganized that they handle such incidents poorly. Employers sometimes try to blame a worker\’s injuries on the employee\’s negligence instead of accepting that they were liable themselves.

A workers\’ compensation attorney can help you work through this to make sure that you receive the benefits that you have a right to here in Goldsboro.

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