Construction Accidents

Ensure Your Financial Stability After An Accident

As a construction worker you are exposed to the risks of a dangerous workplace every day. Even with full compliance on safety procedures and equipment, accidents still happen. If a workplace accident caused your injury, you deserve to have your needs met.

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Aggressive Advocacy for Construction Workers’ Compensation

The most common construction accidents are falls from ladders, scaffolds and rooftops. The injuries from this type of accident can result in the inability to work in another construction job or prevent you from working at all. Due to the amount of work you will miss during your recovery and the potential inability to work in the future, you should seek the maximum compensation with one of our aggressive litigators. Instead of fearing the loss of your job, create a plan to secure pay in the future.

When you seek compensation from your employer it will go through their insurance. In addition, there can be an additional cause for your injury. Many people fail to realize that there can be more than one source of compensation. You can also have a third-party claim while you pursue workers’ compensation.

Another Source of Compensation

In some cases, it is not entirely the employer’s fault. Sometimes a third-party’s negligence causes a workplace accident. A third party can be anyone else who caused an accident such as a subcontractor, material supplier or anyone outside of the employee/employer relationship, and they can be liable if they are at-fault. We pursue third-party and workers’ compensation claims simultaneously.

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