Estate Litigation

Resolving Disputes About Estate Matters

When families fight about estate issues, the issues are often very sensitive emotionally. If a dispute has arisen, or you fear that one might, it’s best to get trusted legal counsel on your side.

At Baddour, Parker, Hine & Hale, P.C., our attorneys are skilled at resolving estate disputes of all types, including will contests and improper use of a power of attorney. Using our experience in these cases, we will assert your rights strongly and work effectively for a solution that makes sense for your situation.

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What Type of Dispute Are You Involved In?

Our estate litigation practice is comprehensive, covering the full range of possible issues. This includes:

  • Capacity to make a will — If someone is struggling with dementia or another medical issue, it may not be possible for him or her to make a valid will or legally change one that already exists.
  • Undue influence on — In order for a will to be valid, there must not be excessive influence on the person making it from family members, caregivers or any other party.
  • Improper use of a power of attorney — If someone who has received power of attorney for health care or financial decisions fails to use it properly, legal action may be necessary to put matters to right.
  • Wrongdoing by fiduciaries — Executors, trustees and other fiduciaries sometimes breach their duties.

The exact shape that issues such as these take in your family depend on your unique dynamics. Perhaps there has been elder abuse, financial exploitation, self-dealing or some other egregious conduct. No matter what happened, we have the proven ability to tackle these tough cases and protect our clients’ rights and interests.

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