Social Security Disability

Pursuing Social Security Disability Benefits

For more than 50 years, our legal team at Baddour, Parker, Hine & Hale, P.C., has been helping people who have been wrongfully denied access to the Social Security Disability benefits they have rightfully earned.

Our Goldsboro Social Security Disability attorneys have a successful track record for winning even the most difficult cases involving denial of SSD benefits.

People throughout North Carolina come to our law firm because they are suffering physical or emotional trauma that has prevented them from working, and they have been unable to collect any benefits from the government system they have contributed to for many years.

Our Wayne County SSD Benefits Attorneys Efficiently Navigate Through Governmental Red Tape To Secure Benefits For Our Clients

Sometimes, people become confused by the complex requirements of the Social Security Administration process. They do not understand that, although their injury or illness may seem obvious, there are standards that must be met before they can qualify for SSD benefits.

If you have been denied numerous times for SSD or SSI benefits, contact us. We will evaluate your case, at no cost or obligation, and identify the cause for your denial and the available options for your claim.

We Offer A Free Consultation At No Obligation

Our knowledgeable attorneys take advantage of alternative methods to obtain SSD and SSI approval. In some cases, we can get our clients’ claims approved through a medical vocational allowance, provided that the disability adjudicator determines that the medical condition is severe.

We have extensive experience working within the guidelines of the government and complying with all of the laws, while optimizing the opportunities for our clients to collect the benefits they have paid for throughout their work life.

Hiring one of our skillful SSD/SSI lawyers can be the key to a successful appeal, and the medical records and documentation from your ongoing medical treatment are crucial tools needed to support your case.

The links below will lead you to some of the professional medical resources we have recommended and many of these providers have been used by our clients:

Goshen Medical Locations

Goshen Medical Mount Olive

Eastpointe Goldsboro

WATCH (North Carolina Association of Free Clinics)

Call our Goldsboro office at 919-735-7275 to arrange a convenient, private meeting with one of our knowledgeable SSD attorneys.

We offer free consultations, at no obligation, to all people who have become injured and/or are struggling with Social Security Disability claims.