Truck drivers should not consume too much caffeine

North Carolina highways are often filled with truckers bringing goods to the Southeast. However, many of these drivers may be relying on caffeine to stay awake during long stretches behind the wheel. The more caffeine that they drink, the more dangerous a driver they might become.

Caffeine correlates to crashes

A recent study compared the number of crashes involving truck drivers who drink large amounts of caffeine to those who drink little to no caffeine. Roughly 21% of low caffeine consumers were in a crash during the survey period. The number rose to 27% for truck drivers who drank large amounts of coffee or other energy drinks. In general, the drivers in the study who drank many cups of coffee were unhealthier and more likely to smoke and have poor diets. Unhealthy drivers can become a danger to other motorists on the road.

Caffeine itself is not dangerous

The study did not say that truck drivers should avoid caffeine altogether. In fact, there are benefits when a truck driver drinks a cup of coffee every now and then because it could give an energy boost. However, the results of the study suggest that drivers should not make caffeine their primary means of staying awake behind the wheel. Truck drivers are better off maintaining healthier lifestyles and limiting caffeine intake as an unhealthy lifestyle may increase the risk of serious crashes.

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