Can you get SSD for a mental disorder?

Social Security Disability Insurance is an excellent program that has served many North Carolina residents well. It is designed as a disability benefit system for those who are unable to earn a substantive wage. The filing is not so much a claim of a physical disorder as it is a claim that the medical condition prohibits the claimant from maintaining gainful employment. This means that those who suffer from mental conditions are also eligible for disability benefits when they can prove to the SSA that they are indeed disabled per the established agency rules and regulations.

How claims are approved

All SSD claims begin with an application process that will address the health condition of the applicant and how it affects their everyday life in general. All applicants should understand that the Social Security Administration rarely approves a claim in the first decision issued following application acceptance even when the claimed medical condition is on the SSD Bluebook list of known approved mental disorders. Most cases are established through the appeals process.

Professional healthcare evaluation evidence

Proving a mental disorder disability claim commonly requires depositions from mental health professionals that can be submitted along with other medical information to the SSA administrative law judge for reconsideration based on a totality health claim. While some claims are won because of a single proven mental health condition, others are often approved based on the overall health of the claimant and similarities to other prior approved disorders. Each verified health issue can help a SSD attorney build a comprehensive case for approval.

Having an experienced North Carolina disability attorney is essential when a claim is going through appeal. The question will basically be the degree of impairment for the claimant due to the mental order when attempting to complete job responsibilities. Applicants who are under age 50 are often denied based on their age and the SSA claim defense that the mental condition is not severe enough to justify approval until all possible avenues of employment are exhausted.