The basics of disability benefits

If you rely on disability benefits in North Carolina, understanding how they work, what you need to do and the eligibility requirements is important. If you\’re just starting out with private insurance disability benefits, here\’s what you need to know.

What are disability benefits?

Private insurance disability benefits are financial assistance payments provided to individuals who suffer from a disability caused by illness or long-term injury. Disability benefits can be short-term, lasting for only six months; however, they may also be long term and last the rest of your life. Disability insurance helps bridge this gap in time by providing benefits when you are unable to work.

What information do you need to provide?

Disability insurance claims require detailed medical records and personal information about your condition, including what work you were doing when it occurred or first began experiencing symptoms. Disability insurance also requires proof that the injury will prevent you from working during the duration of the claim.

Notably, disability insurance providers will require a diagnosis from your doctor and supporting documentation such as X-rays or medical records to prove that you cannot perform your job because of an injury or illness.

Are there any other requirements?

Under most policies, you will only receive disability benefits if an injury or illness prevents you from working in your current job over a period of 24 months and after 24 months in any capacity.  The benefit and requirement of your particular policy can only be determined by a careful look at the provision of your policy.  This is best done by an experienced lawyer of your choosing.

As a result of disability benefits, many people have successfully received the financial support they need to pay for necessities and continue living a normal life. You too may be able to receive these benefits if you meet the requirements and submit all of the necessary documentation, including your doctor\’s diagnosis.