Heat Related Injuries at Work

It is hot outside.  Very, very, hot outside.  For some of us folks who work inside, this may just mean the company pays a larger energy bill.  But for everyone else, this can make for a very hazardous situation.  Folks with jobs in construction, farming, fabrication, car washing, dog walking, catering, and everything else under the sun can really be in for some tough hours.  Did you know that those who are exposed to extreme heat or work in hot environments may be at an increased risk of heat stress?  Exposure to extreme heat can result in occupational illnesses and injuries ranging from burns to heat exhaustion.  In severe examples, heat stress can result in heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, or heat rashes.  But heat also has a surprise impact on things seemingly unrelated to direct heat exposure.  Heat can increase the risk of injuries due to sweaty palms, fogged-up safety glasses, and dizziness.  Even simply picking up a metal tool with sweaty hands after it has been laying in the sun for a while can result in some pretty nasty burns.

Employers have a wide variety of resources available to them to help them manage these risks and keep you safe while you are on the job.  They can look to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, or even something as accessible as the local health department.  They have an obligation to do so.  What happens if they fail in that obligation?

We have discussed in this blog claims called “worker’s compensation” claims.  These claims arise where an employer fails to take necessary precautions to keep you safe at work.  It is more complicated than that, which is why you may need the support of a seasoned attorney.  However, the basic thing to remember is that if you are hurt at work due to heat, you have rights.  Every situation requires an expert to review the facts, understand the law, and protect both you and the family that depends on you.

This is where an experienced firm, like Baddour, Parker, Hine, and Hale in Goldsboro, NC is so important.  We understand workers compensation, personal injury matters, and any associated disability issues.  We can help you understand every piece of the conversation, and help you put your mind at ease.

Call Baddour, Parker, Hine, and Hale today if you or a loved one is unable to work due to a heat related issue at work, or any other workplace accident.  We offer free consultations, and you may pay no fees unless your claim is successful.  Your family depends on you, and you can depend on us.

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