Award letter a key aspect of a Social Security disability claim

In North Carolina, when seeking Social Security disability benefits, there are many critical aspects of a case and whether it will be approved or denied. Sometimes, the basics are forgotten during the process. People should remember and understand the fundamentals such as when the Social Security Administration will notify them of the decision.

The disability award letter is sent through the mail and informs the claimant of the decision. The time frame for when the applicant receives the letter depends on the case. If the applicant is approved at the initial claim level or after requesting a reconsideration, the letter will arrive relatively quickly. This is because these decisions are made at the state level.

A Notice of Decision is sent first to tell the applicant of the determination. This can either be an approval or denial. An approval letter simply says that the claimant will receive benefits. That is generally the extent of the notice. In the award letter, the relevant information regarding the claim will be provided. That includes the date or month at which the person will be eligible. It will also say how much the payments will be.

When there is an appeal and the case is heard by an administrative law judge, the wait time could be longer. This letter may take a few weeks to arrive. Some applicants receive their Social Security disability payment before they get the letter informing them they have been approved. People seeking Social Security disability benefits for an injury, condition or illness will be concerned about the decision. Understanding how and when the award letter is sent is part of that. From the application to the four levels of appeal, legal advice could be beneficial. A firm with experience in all areas of disability might help.