Who qualifies for Social Security disability benefits?

Social Security disability helps individuals in North Carolina and throughout the country who have a medical condition that prevents them from working to their full ability. Unlike Social Security, a person does not have to be retirement age to draw benefits. However, the medical condition must meet certain qualifications to be eligible for Social Security disability.

The condition must prevent them from doing work they have done in the past for a year. For example, if an applicant has worked for most of 2020 and earns over $1,260 per month, they may not qualify. It must also be determined that the condition will last for more than one year.

The applicant must have been working in jobs that make Social Security disability payments regardless of their age. An applicant should also have earned enough credits within the last 10 years, which is commonly 40 credits. Most workers earn four credits per year. When the person reaches retirement age, it converts to standard Social Security.

The condition should restrict the applicant\’s basic work mobility, such as standing and lifting for one year, and be on the Social Security Administration\’s list of conditions. If the condition is not listed, it must be considered severe enough to inhibit working ability to qualify the applicant for payments. The Social Security Administration may also determine if the person could do other work.

There are special conditions that speed up the process, such as blindness, low vision or acute leukemia. In some cases, a qualified widow or widower, disabled minor child or disabled adult child between 18 and 22 can draw a deceased worker\’s Social Security payments. If an applicant feels that they qualify and have been denied, a Social Security disability claims attorney may investigate the cause of denial.