Are some times more dangerous for driving than others?

Good driving practices could decrease the chances of getting into an accident on North Carolina roads, and so does being aware of potential risks. Careful and safe drivers can\’t control what others do, nor can they prevent the weather from taking a turn for the worse. They could choose, however, to restrict their driving to when it a less-risky time on the road.

Dangerous times to be on the road

Traveling late at night on a Friday or Saturday evening comes with risks, especially when the weekend falls on a holiday. Saturday appears to be the most dangerous day of the week to drive. People like to travel when on their days off, and many like to have fun. Some drivers may take to the road impaired since they could enjoy alcohol before traveling. Hence, those weekends may present added dangers.

However, after-work commuting times might present the most dangerous times to travel during the week. From 5 pm to 7 pm, the roads become crowded with commuters looking to get home. The higher volume of drivers, combined with a percentage of those in a rush, could create dangers.

Safety concerns for drivers

Dangers may increase significantly during the summer, with July being an exceptionally worrisome month. Summer means vacationers and partying, two things that don\’t always add up to increased safety. Vacation areas may experience even greater risks and dangers, as vacationers unfamiliar with the local routes could commit moving violations and other hazards.

Motor vehicle crashes might prove unavoidable even when someone takes steps to drive defensively. Avoiding dangerous drive times helps cut down on risks.