Could bicyclists cause accidents?

Bicycling continues to grow in popularity, as people want to save money on gas and get a little exercise. A worry many North Carolina cyclists have often involves concerns about being too close to motor vehicles. A bicycle enthusiast may have something else to feel nervous about: another cyclist. Bicycles might crash into one another, and the chances of a mishap may increase when someone doesn\’t follow smart safety procedures.

Smart steps for cycling safely

Expectations exist for motor vehicle operators to follow the rules of the road. Many rules could apply to bicyclists as well. Someone who speeds on a bike might increase the chances of an accident. Going too fast near vehicles, pedestrians, and other cyclists undermines safety. When someone goes too fast, little time exists to avoid objects and other cyclists.

A bike lane exists for a reason. Cyclists may benefit from remaining in the lane and not veering out of it into congested traffic. \”Tailgating\” other cyclists creates the risk of a potential rear collision. Weaving in and out of the bike lane to pass others might be reckless. Moving onto the sidewalk at a fast rate of speed to pass adds to the recklessness.

Operating a bicycle while intoxicated might lead to self-harm and, possibly, harm to others. Riding a bicycle while inebriated is against the law in North Carolina.

Causing injuries when cycling

Bicyclists who cause injuries to others may be liable for damages. Knocking someone off a bike and causing a severe injury might open doors to legal jeopardy.

Wearing proper safety equipment when bicycling could reduce the chances of injuries. However, the safety equipment might not prevent an injury when hit by a negligent cyclist.

Bicyclists may benefit from safer practices when taking to the road. Persons involved in bicycle accidents may follow similar steps to motor vehicle accidents. Injured persons may contact an attorney to discuss taking legal action.