You Fell Because They Messed Up

We all have our favorite shops.  Some of us prefer large national chains with every brand under the sun.  Some of us prefer a small town, mom-and-pop, experience.  But all of us expect that the store will take care to prevent us from being injured when we pay them a visit.  It seems simple, and usually is.  You go into a grocery store and they have absorbent mats in places where the floor may otherwise become wet and slippery.  You have a seat at a coffee shop and the chairs are tight, feel firmly assembled, safe, and inviting.  You visit the back porch of your favorite sports bar and notice that the deck is well maintained, with a nicely finished railing around the edge.  These are all examples of a business being inviting, being responsible, and being ready to provide you with a pleasurable experience.

Unfortunately, you have probably also seen the opposite.  You may have been to a busy restaurant and been ushered to a table where the chairs are wobbly and discomforting.  You may have been into a store on a rainy day to find that the floor is slick, wet, and makes you think twice before taking your next step.  You may have even been to places where the stairs leading to that second level seating area is protected by a handrail that is so loose you are hesitant to even touch it, much less use it.

So, what happens when you are injured because the poorly maintained chair collapses?  What happens when you reach for that handrail as you come back down the stairs, and it falls off with you?  What happens when you are excitedly shopping through the racks for that perfect pair of jeans in your size, and trip over a pile of misplaced inventory left on the floor?  What if it leads to you hitting your head on the racks as you fall to the floor?

This is when you need an advocate.  This is when you need an attorney who understands slips and falls, premises liability, and injuries resulting from negligence.  This is when you need to contact Baddour Parker Hine & Hale in Goldsboro, NC to understand how to be made financially whole after such an accident.  You may be entitled to reimbursement, compensation, or other damages to make sure that your funds can continue to support your family, instead of paying for an accident that should have been prevented.

Call Baddour, Parker, Hine, and Hale today if you have been injured in an accident at a store, a ballpark, a restaurant, a government building, or any other commercial establishment.  We offer free consultations, and you pay no fees unless we recover for you.