How to avoid bicycle accidents

Car accidents in North Carolina are particularly debilitating for bicyclists. While the person in the vehicle may walk away with minor injuries, the bicyclist could end up getting severely hurt or becoming permanently disabled. You can\’t control what drivers do on the road, but there are a few ways you can look out for yourself and stay safe during your regular bicycle rides.

How can you avoid bicycle accidents?

Running a stop sign is one of the biggest mistakes that a bicyclist can make. In the moment, it may seem fairly harmless. You don\’t see any other cars around, so why should you come to a full stop? But if a driver comes barreling through the intersection, you could be seriously injured in the resulting accident. Always come to a complete stop when you see a stop sign even if you don\’t see any vehicles around.

You should also avoid biking on roads that are poorly maintained. Even if there are no cars around, you could get thrown off your bike if you hit a rough patch. Stick to roads that are clean, paved and regularly maintained by the city.

If you see someone on the road who appears to be driving recklessly, stay as far away from him or her as possible. Don\’t try to get close to the person to yell at his or her vehicle or prove a point. If that driver makes one wrong move, you could end up sustaining a serious injury. Keep your distance from other vehicles, and practice defensive bicycling techniques. You can\’t change the way that other people drive, but you can change the way that you react to it.

What if a vehicle hits you?

The human body is no match for a massive vehicle, especially one that came out of nowhere. A car accident could cause severe injuries that lead to massive medical bills from surgeries, medication, doctor\’s appointments, physical therapy and other treatments that you need to live a normal life again. In most cases, the person in the car was at fault for the accident. An attorney could help you file a personal injury lawsuit against him or her.