How can you prevent truck accidents on the highway?

When a truck accident happens in North Carolina, many people immediately assume the truck driver was at fault. Truck drivers can cause accidents by engaging in drunk or distracted driving. However, some truck accidents are caused by other people on the road. Commercial trucks can be incredibly dangerous, and if you\’re not paying attention, your car will probably take the bulk of the damage. Here\’s how you can protect yourself when driving alongside truck drivers on the road.

How can drivers avoid getting into truck accidents?

Most people know that they shouldn\’t text and drive. However, distracted driving isn\’t just about texting – it involves anything that distracts you from the highway. This can include eating and drinking, talking to a passenger, yelling at your kids in the backseat, looking at a map, or doing anything else that distracts you from the road. You might only glance away for a second, but a second is all it takes. Thousands of people die in motor vehicle accidents each year because they engaged in distracted driving.

Impaired driving is also a major cause of truck accidents. This includes obvious issues like drunk driving, but it also involves driving under the influence of drugs or driving while fatigued. It can also involve driving while you\’re ill or dealing with medication side effects. If you\’re experiencing anything that can impair your judgment on the highway, you shouldn\’t get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Who can help you after a truck accident?

Truck accidents are often fatal for the person in the passenger vehicle. Luckily, you survived–but now you have to deal with the medical bills and emotional trauma. An attorney might be able to help you contact the trucking company\’s insurance company and file a claim. Counsel might also help you file a lawsuit if the claim is denied.