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SUV-related pedestrian accidents deadlier than car-related ones

Although the number of car crash fatalities has gone down in North Carolina and elsewhere in the United States since 1980, the number of pedestrians who cars have killed has gone up. One alarming fact is that a huge proportion of those accidents involved SUVs.

Why are SUVs so dangerous to pedestrians?

The grille on traditional block-front SUVs creates the most damage to a body. When an SUV with the traditional block-front grill hits a pedestrian, it strikes the person\’s chest or pelvis mere seconds after the bumper collides with the body\’s lower extremities, like the hips and thighs. This movement transfers more energy to the victim\’s body, increasing the chance of a deadly outcome. SUVs were also more likely to push or throw a pedestrian farther after impact.

Another reason experts cite for the increased number of fatalities is that SUVs sit higher than passenger cars. This means that they have a higher center of gravity than regular passenger cars. This results in them being less stable and not as able to react in time to avoid injury or death.

What can be done to reduce the high number of SUV related deaths?

Researchers are looking for solutions that can reduce the number of pedestrian deaths related to accidents that SUVs cause. Pedestrian airbags are options that experts are always considering, and there is clear evidence that design changes can greatly impact how dangerous an SUV may or may not be to a pedestrian.

What can someone do if he or she has been involved in an SUV-related accident?

People who’ve been involved in motor vehicle accidents that SUVs caused may benefit by working with attorneys who have experience in this area. A lawyer may help you navigate the medical, insurance and legal ramifications of this type of accident. He or she may also provide you with the assistance you need to move on with your life.