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North Carolina man in wheelchair killed by car

Throughout history, many people have taken special care to protect those with disabilities from harm. For that reason, it is a particular shock when a disabled person is injured or killed in an accident. That happened recently in North Carolina when a man in a wheelchair was hit and killed by a car.

A Toyota was northbound when he struck the man in the wheelchair, a pedestrian who was simply going about his day. After the man was hit and was lying unresponsive in the road, the driver of the Toyota moved his car to the left lane, stopping it there. It was then hit from behind by a Dodge Magnum.

The drivers of both cars in the motor vehicle accident were uninjured. Neither had passengers, and both drivers stayed at the scene to be interviewed by the officers there. According to a police spokesperson, the accident was not caused by speeding, and neither driver was impaired at the time of the accident.

The police say that, just to be sure that all the facts are in place, the man who was in the wheelchair has been tested to see if alcohol or any other intoxicant affected him at the time of the accident. It is uncertain as to whether he was stationary or in the process of crossing the road when he was hit. It is known, however, that he was not crossing in the crosswalk. His identity has not been released publicly because the coroner wants to make sure that his next of kin were notified first.

The crash remains under investigation. It serves as a reminder to everyone to take great care when crossing roads and to watch for pedestrians at all times.

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