Recovering from a car collision

Car accidents can be devastating. Unfortunately, the average person will be involved in a car collision about once every 18 years. That doesn\’t just mean drivers; many victims of motor vehicle accidents are simply passengers. Anyone in North Carolina who has been hurt in an accident should know what to expect as they recover.

There are about 16,400 car accidents in America every day. In those accidents, about 7,000 people are hurt, and about 100 will die. For people who survive, the road to recovery can be a long one.

The rehabilitation process from a motor vehicle accident will depend on the location and severity of the injury. Collarbone accidents are common in collisions because collarbones press against over-the-shoulder seat belts. Sometimes, a brace is used to hold the collarbone in place, but it typically repairs itself. Healing can take anywhere from one to four months.

Traumatic brain injuries are more serious. A concussion occurs when the brain hits the hard skull. This can result in bruising, bleeding and damage to axons, which are a part of nerve cells. Mild concussions may resolve themselves in a few weeks. Bleeding in the skull may require surgery to be resolved. Repeated or severe concussions can have long-lasting effects like headaches, depression and emotional dysregulation.

People who\’ve been injured in motor vehicle accidents should always go to the hospital to receive treatment. This way, they can get an accurate assessment of their injuries and start the recovery process. They may also want to contact a lawyer. Insurance company lawyers represent the company\’s interests, not the interests of car crash victims. An experienced attorney may advocate to make sure their clients get the damages they\’re entitled to.