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A former NBA star remains paralyzed after a bicycle accident

Riding your bicycle throughout North Carolina can be a wonderful experience. With that said, it\’s imperative to make sure you ride your bike carefully. Sadly, many bicycle accidents happen every year. A bike accident that recently made national news involved a former NBA player.

Who is Shawn Bradley?

In his college years, Shawn Bradley was one of Brigham Young University\’s rising basketball stars. After college, Bradley spent time playing professional basketball for NBA teams based in Philadelphia and New Jersey. However, most NBA fans remember him playing for the Dallas Mavericks, where he played for over eight seasons.

The details of Shawn Bradley\’s bike accident

Many former athletes enjoy staying healthy after competing professionally. One way Shawn Bradley did this was by riding his bike. Unfortunately, on January 20th, 2021, Bradley was struck by an automobile while on his bike. After getting rushed to the hospital, doctors determined Bradley suffered a traumatic spinal cord injury. Having to undergo neck fusion surgery, Bradley spent two months undergoing rehab in a Utah hospital. Unfortunately, like many victims of bicycle accidents, he remains paralyzed.

A road to recovery

After his accident, doctors informed Bradley that his road to recovery will be a long one. Fortunately, Bradley\’s wife remains at his side as he continues rehabilitation. In a statement, Bradley expressed appreciation for the support from his family, friends and fans. He also hopes that this event will help raise public awareness about bicycle safety.

Bicycle accidents are understandably traumatic events that can change anyone\’s life in a matter of moments. If you were in a bicycle accident, it might be beneficial to contact an attorney. By hiring an attorney, you\’ll have someone help you seek the compensation you potentially deserve.