How do people typically get injured in parking lots?

There\’s generally a lot of action that\’s going on in parking lots any time of the year; however, they become even busier during the holiday season as consumers run in and out of stores trying to get everything done in advance of parties and other festive occasions. Data compiled by the National Safety Council (NSC) shows that there are a few leading causes for why individuals get hurt in parking lots during this time of the year.

Federal government data shows that at least 9% of all pedestrian fatalities that occur in parking lots happen because an individual is struck by a motorist while they\’re backing up their vehicle.

While backup cameras, as well as rearview and side mirrors, can aid motorists in seeing some things in their blind spots, they shouldn\’t be trusted completely. The NSC notes that drivers can benefit from getting out of their cars and walking around their vehicles before ever putting them in reverse. The NSC also recommends for motorists to pull through spaces so that they can put their car in drive to leave as opposed to backing up.

Another common reason for parking lot accidents is because pedestrians or motorists find themselves distracted.

At least 66% of drivers admitted that they chat on the phone while driving through parking lots when asked by the NSC. Many others copped to texting, using their social media accounts or a global positioning system (GPS), watching videos, taking photos or exchanging emails while navigating parking lots. An overwhelming majority of teens also admitted to grooming themselves while driving through these busy areas.

Consumer Reports data also shows that many individuals get hurt in parking lots because someone accosts them to gain access to valuable items that are visible in their cars. People also are hurt because someone gets in their car via an unlocked door and assaults or carjacks them. Other incidents happen in poorly lit areas of parking lots. These include slips and falls in or around potholes and violent acts.

It\’s a store\’s or property owner\’s responsibility to keep their Goldsboro premises reasonably safe so that no one gets hurt on their property. If you\’ve been injured due to someone\’s failure to keep their premises safe, then a personal injury attorney may advise you of your right to pursue compensation for any damages that you suffered in an incident here in North Carolina.

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