Joint injuries may warrant Social Security disability benefits

There are many illnesses, conditions and injuries that can result in a person needing Social Security disability benefits. For some medical issues, the case is relatively easy to make. However, if a North Carolina resident has a certain injury that sounds unusual, it is wise to understand how it will be assessed.

If a person is suffering from a \”frozen shoulder,\” it could warrant an approval for disability benefits. The key is whether it is a medically determinable condition. This means that medical records will verify it. A disability claim and its outcome hinges on what amount of work the person can do. This is gauged based on the residual functional capacity, jobs the person had in the past, and other types of jobs they might be able to do based on skills, work experience, education and age.

If the frozen shoulder is severe enough, it can result in an approval. The following requirements must be met: The individual cannot have been able to work at a level that will achieve self-support for at least 12 months, or there must be an expectation that the applicant will not be able to work for 12 months if that duration has not yet passed. If these basic criteria are met, the claim may be successful.

A disability application for a frozen shoulder could be enhanced by additional impairments such as both shoulders being frozen. The medical evidence must be objective for it to be accepted. The treating physician can present MRI results, X-rays and other diagnostic tools for the case. Legal help might also be essential to a case. An experienced Social Security disability law firm may prepare the application and organize the evidence, so those suffering from a disabling condition might want to seek a consultation.