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What are the leading causes of preventable death?

The National Safety Council (NSC) argues that many fatal injuries including public transportation and recreation ones are completely preventable. Their data shows that these types of incidents are more common among individuals of certain age groups than others.

NSC data shows that in 2017, the leading causes of deaths in public places were chokings, mechanical suffocation, drownings, poisonings and falls. Air, water and rail incidents also played a role in causing the estimated 37,100 preventable deaths that happened that year.

The NSC\’s statistics show that nearly 14,000 of the 37,100 preventable deaths that year involved someone 75 or older. The two populations with the next highest rates of avoidable fatalities included those persons age 25 to 44 and 45 to 64. Each of these populations had just under 10,000 preventable deaths that year.

Of all the different age groups, the two populations with the lowest preventable death rate were the zero to 4 and 5 to 14. They each had 300 preventable deaths in 2017.

An estimated 6,750 people or just over half of those who died from poisonings in 2017 belonged to the 25 to 44 age group.

At least 9,500 of those who lost their lives after suffering a fall belonged to the 75 and older age group.

Although you may expect children to be the primary victims in drowning accidents, they\’re not. NSC data shows that 1,450 of the 2,600 public drownings that occurred in 2017 claimed the lives of individuals between 25 and 64-years-old, not children.

That same data shows that mechanical suffocation was the leading cause of unnecessary deaths among individuals ages zero to 4. It accounted for 60 of the 200 deaths. At least 100 of those who died in similar types of incidents belonged to the 25 to 64-year-old demographic.

NSC data shows that individuals ages 25 to 64 were the ones most likely ones to become involved in fatal water, air or rail transportation incidents.

Some North Carolina residents die because they don\’t take the necessary precautions to keep themselves safe. In other instances, people are fatally wounded because someone else doesn\’t do what they\’re supposed to reduce the risk of someone getting hurt.

If you\’ve lost a loved one in a situation like the latter, then a personal injury attorney in Goldsboro may advise you to file a wrongful death lawsuit against anyone who engaged in negligence.

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