What To Do When Your Social Security Claim Is Denied

There are two government programs that you absolutely need to know about.  One is called the Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) program.  The other is called the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program.  Together, these programs make up what is commonly referred to as “disability.”  When your neighbor tells you that they are on “disability,” it is likely that they are receiving benefits from one of these two federal programs.  Both programs are administered by the United States Social Security Administration and make up a vital part of our country’s social safety net.

So how does someone become eligible for benefits under either of these two programs?  Over two million people apply annually, and most applicants are denied, at least upfront.  Claim examiners evaluate every applicant’s claim on five basic criteria: 1) are you working; 2) is your condition “severe;” 3) is your condition found on the list of disabling conditions; 4) can you do the work you did previously; and 5) can you do other work.

Each of these questions can be difficult to answer and comes with its own set of challenges. If you are wondering if you need an attorney who is experienced in handling Social Security Disability claims, ask yourself, “Am I unable to work because of an injury, disease, illness, or condition?” If so, it may be something that resolves itself quickly, or it may become something that changes your life.  Either way, we recommend you seek representation, and you will likely benefit from having an experienced guide to help you navigate this complex process.  Less than one-third of claims are approved the first time they are filed.  Those who have knowledgeable representation, however, are in a better position to be successful, and ready to pursue every legal option if necessary.

Call Baddour, Parker, Hine, and Hale today if you are unable to work.  We offer free consultations, and you may pay no fees unless your claim is successful.  Your family depends on you, and you can depend on us to help you claim the benefits you’ve earned.

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