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How to maintain a safe warehouse

Worker safety will ideally be a top priority for companies that operate warehouses in North Carolina and other states. Businesses are encouraged to create policies that balance a need to prevent injuries with the need to be as productive as possible. For instance, it may be possible to create a digital platform where employees or managers can log hazards and what should be done to mitigate them.

In many cases, it only takes a few minutes to clear a cluttered aisle or take other small steps that can make a workplace safer. By taking proactive measures, employers may be able to eliminate the need to pay an injured worker\’s medical bills or expenses related to finding a new employee to replace that person. On average, it costs $7,000 to replace an employee who makes $28,000 per year. Providing adequate training can help to minimize the chances that a worker gets hurt while on the job.

Employees should be taught how to identify hazards and communicate those issues to others on the warehouse floor. They should also be taught how to use equipment such as a forklift or a respirator. Training sessions should be held in multiple languages if necessary to ensure that everyone understands what they are being taught. Companies are encouraged to refer to OSHA standards when developing their safety protocols.

If a person experiences a back, head or other type of injury at work, he or she may be entitled to workers\’ compensation benefits. This may allow a person to receive treatment for a workplace injury without having to pay for it. It might also allow an individual to receive a portion of wages lost while recovering from a muscle tear, broken bone or concussion. Legal counsel might help workers pursue any benefits that they are entitled to.