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Road construction workers must be kept safe

North Carolina is known for its long stretches of interstate. These roads can be dangerous for the construction workers who are tasked with repairing them. The high speeds of the drivers, combined with the fact that they may be distracted, raise the risk for road workers.

Employers need to do more to protect the employees who work in construction zones. There are risks to the construction workers both from cars encroaching on the work zone and from construction equipment in the zone. While employers can never fully remove the risks, they can institute safety measures such as safer and firmer barriers as well as brighter clothing to make workers more visible.

At the same time, the authorities must get stricter when it comes to traffic laws and enforcement surrounding work zones. Slower drivers mean less of a chance that a worker can be struck on the job. Nonetheless, much of the burden of safeguarding these employees falls on the employer. A bit of investment can go a long way toward protecting workers. Companies should also educate their employee on safe practices and give them the training necessary to do their job properly. A safety culture will promote a workplace in which employees are protected.

When employees are injured on the job, there is a workers\’ compensation system that can pay them when they are injured and unable to work. This would cover lost wages and medical costs. The injured employee would file a claim with the state system, and approval would pay them for the time that they miss from work. An attorney may help their client document and file the workers\’ compensation claim. While many of these claims are easily approved, some claims will require a hearing if there is difficulty getting benefits or a settlement.