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What employees are most likely to develop CTS?

Residents of North Carolina and throughout the rest of the country spend an average of $2 billion a year on treating carpal tunnel syndrome. In fact, carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most commonly reported occupational injuries there is. It has always been a common belief that employees in an office job are more at risk for this type of injury than other career fields.

The real truth about who\’s at risk

Talk with any workers\’ comp insurance company, and you\’ll likely be shocked to find out that the majority of claims for carpal tunnel-related issues aren\’t necessarily from office workers. Rather, a new study has revealed that a large portion of employees who develop carpal tunnel syndrome work in manufacturing jobs and the construction industry. People who consistently are using vibration tools and high-force hammering tools requiring extreme wrist motions over a long period of time are more at risk for developing this condition than others.

The cost of carpal tunnel syndrome

As the research reveals that more ergonomic solutions need to be put in place for employees in manufacturing and construction fields to help avoid this condition, many are already suffering from it. The costs associated with carpal tunnel can add up very quickly. Some of the most common costs include health care, missed work, reduced productivity and the process to switch careers. It\’s estimated that carpal tunnel syndrome can cost anywhere between $47,000 and $119,000 per employee.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a very common condition that workers can develop who utilize their hands consistently over a long period of time. What was commonly thought to be a condition of office workers solely has been revealed to be a growing issue in the manufacturing and construction fields as well. If you believe that you have carpal tunnel syndrome due to your working conditions, it\’s a good idea to file a workers\’ compensation claim.