What workers are most vulnerable to getting hurt on the job?

Data published by the National Safety Council (NSC) captures how a new employee is injured every seven seconds here in North Carolina and the rest of the country. This means that 510 workers are hurt each hour or 12,600 of them are injured each day. Around 4,600,000 individuals are hurt on the job each year. Certain workers perform specific tasks that are more vulnerable to getting hurt than others.

The occupations with the highest injury rates include production and manufacturing, community service workers such as police and firefighters and manufacturing ones. Individuals who work in the shipping or transportation roles or repair, maintenance and installation ones are also at significantly higher risk of getting hurt on the job than others.

Three of the top ways that workers get hurt are during struck or crushed by incidents, overexertion and during slips, trips and fall ones.

According to NSC, at least 26% of workplace injuries result from a worker being caught in between or struck by different pieces of equipment or objects.

Overexertion injuries account for 33.54% of injuring accidents that occur in the workplace. These injuring accidents are caused by workers repetitively bending, lifting and engaging in other types of repetitive motions.

Another type of injuring accident that often occurs in the workplace is a slip, trip and fall. This incident accounts for 25.8% of all injuries. Falls like this can happen both at the same and to lower levels.

Workers who suffer injuries on the job should first report them to their employer then immediately seek out medical attention from a physician. If your employer refuses to cover your health care costs or lost wages, then you may need to pursue legal action against them. A workers\’ compensation attorney can advise you of any options that you may be able to pursue in your case if you\’ve been injured on the job in Goldsboro.

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