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What you should do if you\’re injured at work in North Carolina

Most workers who are injured in Goldsboro or elsewhere in North Carolina work for businesses and corporations that employ more than a handful of employees. Owners of almost every business of any size are required to maintain workers\’ compensation insurance to remain in compliance with state law. Employees who are injured or become ill on the job are afforded certain rights including receiving reasonable and essential medical care.

North Carolina law mandates that employees must notify their employers of their on-the-job injury within at least 30 days of it having occurred. Employers must readily provide their workers with any essential medical care that they need right away after being notified that an injuring accident having occurred. Employees are required to see the doctor of their employer\’s or their insurer\’s choosing.

State law allows employees to seek out their medical care at their employer\’s expense if their company doesn\’t provide them with a medical referral after reporting their on-the-job injuring accident being to them.

Injured or ill workers can change physicians if they\’re unhappy with the one that they\’re sent to see. An injured employee must petition the North Carolina Industrial Commission to do so though. There\’s no guarantee that a worker will have their bills paid by their employer in such an instance unless the employee first receives written permission to change doctors though. Such permission must be received before any treatment commences.

While workers get hurt on the job every day in the United States, procedures for handling such injuring incidents vary by state, employer and various other factors. An attorney can review the details of your case and advise you how you may be able to get your employer to pay your medical bills and lost wages.

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