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What victims should do right after a car crash

Whether you were in your first accident in North Carolina or you\’ve never been in one before, you want to know the proper things to do after an accident. The matter may be easier said than done, but the importance of the following tips cannot be understated.

Staying calm and assessing the situation

Parties in a crash should, to the best of their ability, stay calm. They should then assess any injuries incurred and call for an ambulance if anyone is in pain or cannot move. It\’s important to call the police, even in relatively minor accidents, because the police can write up a report to be sent to the insurance company.

The parties should assess the damage, taking photographs of the vehicles and placing them all in a secure place. A smartphone can record the date and time of photos automatically. The drivers can also exchange the pertinent insurance information.

Filing a claim with the insurance company

What can come after this is the filing of claims. In the event that conflicting statements arise, individuals may let the police handle their claim. Once the insurance is paid out, drivers may notice a rise in their insurance premium, but this is usually to be expected unless this was the first accident they ever had.

How a lawyer may assist with a claim

Third-party insurance claims arising from motor vehicle accidents can be complicated. You may not even be eligible for compensation since North Carolina follows the strict rule of pure contributory negligence. You may want a lawyer to evaluate your case. If it holds up, the lawyer may gather evidence against the defendant, possibly with the help of crash investigators, and take on all negotiations for an out-of-court settlement.