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How are truck crashes different from passenger car crashes?

In the media, they often make a clear distinction between car and truck crashes. They do so because there\’s quite a disparity between the sizes of the two vehicles. Tractor-trailers can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. Most automobiles weigh only 3,000 pounds. Size is only one factor that impacts the severity of a motorist\’s injuries if they\’re involved in a crash with an 18-wheeler.

Truck drivers are different from your average motorists riding down the road. In addition to a standard driver\’s license, they also have a commercial one. The training that they must complete to qualify for the latter is rigorous.

Anyone who operates a commercial vehicle must prove that they\’ve mastered how to operate a vehicle as large as an 18-wheeler, successfully pass a medical exam and adhere to state and federal safety guidelines and laws. Many accidents happen because a trucker fails to meet one of these obligations.

All truckers and truck owners are supposed to perform regular maintenance on their tractor-trailer or fleet. They\’re trained to inspect their tires and other important safety systems before taking their trucks out on the open road. If a trucker fails to do this, then they can cause a crash.

Although they undergo advanced training on how to best operate a vehicle as large as a truck, truckers are still humans. Their reckless driving may result in unnecessary crashes. Truck drivers are commonly involved in accidents are because they fail to give themselves enough time to brake, or they operate their truck at too fast of a speed for the conditions. They also have crashes because they have poor visibility. Many fail to account for their blind spots when changing lanes.

Crashes between trucks and automobiles are often catastrophic. Motorists who are lucky enough to survive these incidents are often left with debilitating injuries. Fortunately, the North Carolina legal system allows for injured motorists to file lawsuits against negligent motorists who cause their injuries. An attorney can guide you in filing suit if you\’ve been hurt in a crash in Goldsboro.

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