Is North Carolina’s Governor’s Highway Safety Program working?

North Carolina decision-makers are committed to improving traffic safety. It is one of many states with communities engaged in the Vision Zero initiative, a nationwide movement to end all traffic fatalities and severe injuries. The Governor’s Highway Safety Program, an annual plan to improve roads and reduce incidents, is a major part of North Carolina’s efforts to make the roads safer for you and your family.

North Carolina traffic safety statistics

Are the above-mentioned initiatives having any effect on public safety? Partly, according to the data collected by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety (DPS). Looking at statistics from 2017 to 2018, traffic violations are down by almost 60,000 tickets.

However, the number of accidents reported, fatalities and injuries all increased slightly from 2017 to 2018. This could be a natural consequence of the growing population but is still worth noting. These programs are in place for a reason, and drivers need to remain vigilant.

  • Reportable collisions were up by 3,000.
  • Fatal collisions rose from 888 to 947.
  • Injury collisions saw a slight increase of about 300 accidents.
  • Persons killed total was up by 73.

The Governor’s Highway Safety Program includes extensive planned measures, such as highly visible enforcement checkpoints and more patrols monitoring alcohol, speed and personal protection laws. The program bases its plans on achievable goals in the motor vehicle safety arena. In some areas, like motorcycle accidents, the program has been so effective that funds can now go to other areas of traffic safety.

The roads of North Carolina are getting safer in terms of everyday driving, but accidents will never be eradicated entirely. If you are involved in an accident, know that you are not just another statistic. You are a person with rights, and there is legal recourse available to you through a personal injury claim.

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